Question by Matt: Advice buying a Cat C/D cars? Going to use to build a self build campercars?
I would like to build a self build campercars, done loads of research and planning to move to a larger place with drive way etc. to do this. However, the cars i have been looking at have been rather pricey, I would ideally like a high top lwb panel cars, but even a well used one seems a bit more than I would like to spend.

I have however seen a few ABI Cat C/D cars going for a fraction of the price, and feel the repair work would be easy enough and keep the cost down dramatically. Just after some advice on buying a Cat C/D salvage cars/vehicle?

Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Pepper of the Moon
Forget it. Not only are you intending to buy a damaged vehicle, but also to change it’s type/purpose. Absolute minefield and you may have trouble getting it insured. A cat C/D repair may appear a good idea, but the only people I know who have ever done well out of them, are fellow professionals who can do the work themselves. Doing that kind of work on a driveway, however easy you think it may appear to be, is not an option.

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