Damaged scrap cars prices

Scrap cars prices can change all the time, there are many reasons why they change, some of the reasons are listed below

Scrap a cars for cash

Has your cars failed its MOT ? there are all sorts of reasons a cars can fail its MOT, when this happens you have to look at what the cost are involved in getting it repaired so it can pass when retested, if it goes far beyond the values then its time to get it scrapped, there are many ways to scrap my cars, the main things is the scrap cars price your going to get

Accident damage scrap cars price’s

If your cars has been in a accident and it cant be repaired or has been wrote off but the insurance company’s then you can get a scrap my cars price on it, it might have a good running engine in it still that will increase in scrap value because it can be taken out and sold on to another customer that needs the engine for there cars, if it has been damaged on the back end then the whole of the front end can be sold on to another a customer with a damaged cars, the same if the front end is still ok it can be sold.

When you get your scrap cars price you can ask them if they are going to destroy the scrap cars or if they are going to break it for cars parts, if so you can haggle more money and get a better scrap cars price

Export scrap cars prices

scrap my cars export pricesExport company’s are always on the look out for cars that have failed there MOT because they can export them getting a better scrap price because the country its going to don’t have the same laws about cars Mot’s like we do. This give the buyer more power to offer you a better scrap cars price. if you know that your local scrap company exports alot of there cars you can get more money, you can check the company’s social pages to see if they export, pages like facebook or twitter page has info about any scrap cars they have exported, they might not tell you that when they call to give you a scrap cars prices they pay

Accident damaged cars can get good scrap cars prices from sellers because they to don’t have the same laws against them in other country’s, in the UK cars have to pass a test if the have been wrote off as accident damaged cars, if they are cat C right offs then they can be driven in other country’s that don’t have the same law, so if you want to scrap my cars for cash and its cat c you can still get a good price

 Scrap cars prices by weight and destruction

If your cars has pasted its day and there’s nothing much left to salvage, the engines gone, the panels are rusty, the moving parts are old and worn, then it can simply be  crushed as you can see in the video above, the cars will be destroyed and destruction notice will be sent to the DVLA taking it off the road for future use. When you scrap your cars it will be assessed on its weight, the more it weighs the more your will get for it when it is scrapped. Some cars like small cars don’t weigh much, but other cars like Renault masters and sprinters can bring good money.

Scrap a cars for cash ?

Most scrap yards in the UK cant pay you cash, there is a new law in place what means all transaction that come through scrap yards for cars in must be paid into an account, Scotland hasn’t changed over yet but it will come into to effect very soon meaning all cars and cars that get scrapped will be able to be traced back, making the system like this can be better for you the customer, it means you don’t have to deal in cash on your door step, and the money is straight in your bank

Conclusion to scrapping a cars for cash !!

If you have a cars and need to sell it, make sure you get a full valuation from a respected scrap dealer, most scrap yards will make you an offer based on its weight, but if it still runs and has some life left in it then tell them that, and look for yards that export alot of there stock, this way your getting a better deal, also look at what the cars is worth still running, some cars like Mercedes Sprinters are worth alot more for export, all in all read through this guide to scrapping your cars and try to get the best scrap cars price you can, GOOD LUCK!!!!